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Run an application in the VM

You can use bowler to run an application, it will also run all dependent services and applications. The applications are listed in the [Pinfile][].

$ cd /var/govuk/govuk-puppet/development-vm
$ bowl rummager

If you want to run an application in development mode with the static assets served from your local copy, run bowler with the STATIC_DEV variable defined and make sure you’re not setting static=0:

$ STATIC_DEV="" bowl planner static

To run a single application without the dependencies you can use foreman. The available apps are defined in the [Procfile][].

$ cd /var/govuk/govuk-puppet/development-vm
$ foreman start rummager

Most apps also have a script in their root folder, and you can run that directly too:

$ cd /var/govuk/rummager
$ ./
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