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Add sidekiq-monitoring to your application

Sidekiq monitoring applications are Sinatra applications that ship with the Sidekiq gem. We have configured these to run as standalone apps on our backend machines.


  • Identify a port you want to allocate to the sidekiq-monitoring instance for your application and reserve it in development-vm/Procfile.

Adding configuration for your application in sidekiq-monitoring repository

  • Add a line to the Procfile with the port you reserved earlier in the sidekiq-monitoring repository maintaining the alphabetical order of the processes.
  • Update index.html to include a link to your application’s sidekiq-monitoring maintaining the alphabetical order of the applications. This path is configured as a location under the sidekiq-monitoring vhost.
  • Run bundle exec foreman start and test that your Rack and Redis config work as expected.

Configuring infrastructure

Add your application to the govuk::apps::sidekiq_monitoring module in Puppet, cross-referencing the Redis configuration.

Configuring a path under the sidekiq-monitoring vhost

The sidekiq-monitoring vhost in nginx has one location for every sidekiq-monitoring application. Add one for your application in this puppet template.

Test that the configuration works on Integration

Once changes are merged and deployed to Integration, you can access your sidekiq monitoring instance running on Integration, and check that it works as expected.

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