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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 21 May 2020

Uptime Metrics

Uptime metrics are collected for content-store, hmrc-manuals-api, link-checker-api, manuals-publisher, publishing-api, specialist-publisher, travel-advice-publisher and whitehall-admin, they are available as a Grafana dashboard.

They are available broken down into a day by day view, highlighted in different colours representing the level of uptime. Green means 100%, orange means above 99.31% (equivalent to 10 minutes of downtime) and red for everything else.

Note These metrics aren’t a true reflection of availability. Loadbalancing means that even if a particular healthcheck fails, and the metrics change as a result, publishing is unlikely to be affected.

Further Reading

The service which collects the uptime data runs on the monitoring machines and is available to see in govuk-puppet. It works by polling a given endpoint, such as/healthcheck, every 5 seconds and records an application is up if it receives a 2xx HTTP status code back. It uses statsd to send this data to Graphite under the names stats.guages.uptime.<application> which is the used in the Grafana dashboard.

If you would like to add another app to the uptime collector, you should first make sure there is a /healthcheck endpoint available and then add your application to the end of the line in the service file.

Note If there is not an exposed /healthcheck endpoint available, an alternative can be given by using the format service_name:alternative/endpoint.