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2nd line

What we do on 2nd line

When working on 2nd line, we look at Normal and High priority tickets in the Zendesk ‘2nd Line–GOV.UK Alerts and Issues’ queue.

Monitoring Icinga

We respond to alerts on our environments and deal with (in priority order) critical issues and warnings. We acknowledge alerts that are not actionable or causing problems for the platform.

Triaging Zendesk tickets

See the diagram for how 2nd line triage Zendesk tickets - there is a printout on the 2nd line desk.

Other things to know:

  • If a departmental content request is urgent, content designers will triage their ticket to the ‘2nd line GOV.UK Alerts and Issues’ queue.
  • If you cannot solve a ticket immediately, reply to the requester and let them know you’re looking into it.
  • If a ticket has been resolved and pending a response for 5 or more days with no response from the requester, submit it as solved with a message telling them why and that if they still need help they can get in touch.

Ongoing issues to be aware of

Record critical alerts that aren’t easily solved to the GOV.UK 2nd line Trello board to help inform the Platform Health and the GOV.UK AWS migration team.

2nd line should investigate these alerts when there is downtime.

You do not necessarily have to fix the issue.

We record these alerts here so that other developers are aware that they are likely to happen.

These alerts shouldn’t cause big issues, but that’s not to say they won’t, which is why we should log them in Trello.

Declaring and responding to an incident

Find out what to do if there’s an incident.

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