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Last updated: 27 Mar 2023

govuk-google-analytics: breadcrumbs

name: breadcrumbs events:

  • name: link clicks description: Triggered when a breadcrumb link is clicked, right clicked, shift clicked, control clicked, or windows key/command key clicked. example_url: tracker: link_tracker data:
    • name: event value: event_data
    • name: event_data value:
      • name: event_name value: navigation
      • name: external value: 'false'
      • name: index value:
        • name: index_link value: The position of the link within the breadcrumbs from left to right.
      • name: index_total
      • name: link_domain
      • name: link_path_parts
      • name: method
      • name: text
      • name: type value: breadcrumbs
      • name: url