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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 27 Mar 2023

govuk-google-analytics: footer

name: footer events:

  • name: link clicks description: Triggered when a footer link is clicked, right clicked, shift clicked, control clicked, or windows key/command key clicked. example_url: tracker: link_tracker data:
    • name: event value: event_data
    • name: event_data value:
      • name: event_name value: navigation
      • name: external
      • name: index value:
        • name: index_section value: The section that this link is in. "Topics" are 1, "Government activity" are 2, "Meta links" (Help, Privacy etc.) are 3, The Open Government Licence link is 4, and the Crown Copyright link is 5.
        • name: index_link value: The position of the link within its section.
        • name: index_section_count value: 5
      • name: index_total
      • name: link_domain
      • name: link_path_parts
      • name: method
      • name: text
      • name: type value: footer
      • name: url
      • name: section value: One of "Topics", "Government Activity", "Support Links", "Licence", or "Copyright"