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Last updated: 4 Jan 2023

govuk-google-analytics: # Implementation notes

Implementation notes

Marker styling

Firefox uses display: list-item to show the arrow marker for the summary element.

Unfortunately we want to use display: inline-block to 'shrink-wrap' the focus outline around the summary text, which means that the arrow no longer shows up.

Previously in GOV.UK Elements we resolved this by targeting Firefox specifically and reverting to display: list-item:

@-moz-document regexp('.*') {
  details summary:not([tabindex]) {
    // Allow duplicate properties, override the summary display property
    // scss-lint:disable DuplicateProperty
    display: list-item;
    display: revert;

However, @-moz-document has been removed in Firefox nightly as of 29th Nov 2017 so with this in mind we have taken a different approach, hiding the browser's marker and injecting and styling our own one across all browsers instead.

This also gives us more control over the styling of the marker, allowing us for example to align the summary and disclosed text correctly across all browsers.

The downside of this approach is that older browsers that require a polyfill for the details element will display the marker even when Javascript is disabled. Whilst this is not perfect, it is a cosmetic issue and the user will still be able to access the disclosed content.

For the arrows themselves, we originally tried using unicode glyphs – specifically \25B6 (Black right-pointing triangle) and 25BC (Black down-pointing triangle) but Android insists on substituting the the former for an emoji even when the \00FE0E modifier is applied. Sad face.

Hence the border-based triangles we are using today.