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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 3 May 2022

govuk-pact-broker: Infrastructure

This guidance is about how to setup the app from scratch on GOV.UK PAAS.

Space for the app

You may be given a space by your organisation manager, or need to create one for the application.

At the time of writing this app runs on the govuk_development organisation in the sandbox space

Push the app to the PAAS

As we've not set everything up we don't want to start the app now.

$ cf push pact-broker --no-start

we can pass a -n HOSTNAME argument here to specify the hostname, otherwise it will use the default one of pact-broker (as specified in manifest.yml)

Create a database

There's a number of different database plans available, but the "Free" one should be sufficient:

$ cf create-service postgres Free pact-broker-db

This will take a few minutes. Once completed it can be bound to the application:

$ cf bind-service pact-broker pact-broker-db

Set up environment variables for credentials

This application requires basic auth credentials of AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD.

$ cf set-env pact-broker AUTH_USERNAME username
$ cf set-env pact-broker AUTH_PASSWORD password

Start the app

$ cf start pact-broker

And then you'll probably want it to run on 2 instances:

$ cf scale pact-broker -i 2