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Repository: govuk-repo-mirror

Mirrors repositories from GitHub to AWS CodeCommit



Ensures all repositories tagged with govuk in the alphagov organisation in are mirrored to AWS CodeCommit.

We use AWS CodeCommit so we can still deploy in the event that is down . We also use the private repositories on AWS CodeCommit in order to fix any security vulnerabilities without disclosing them.

This script will ensure every non-archived repository tagged with govuk on Github is mirrored to AWS CodeCommit. It will then synchronise all branches and the most recent tags, including removing branches that have been deleted in GitHub. In runs periodically in Jenkins.

Warning: If you need to work on a branch in private on AWS CodeCommit, this script must be prevented from running. If it runs and the branch you’re working on does not exist in GitHub, it will be removed from AWS CodeCommit. The easiest way to prevent this is to untag the repository in GitHub.


Required environment variables:

Variable Description
GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN A personal access token with read:org and repo scope
AWS_CODECOMMIT_USER_ID IAM user with privileges to assume the role in ROLE_ARN
GIT_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY A private key attached to the IAM user in AWS_CODECOMMIT_USER_ID
ROLE_ARN IAM role with privileges to create, list and push to CodeCommit repositories
$ bundle install
$ ./mirror_repos


MIT License