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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 9 Jun 2020

static: Emergency banner

See the opsmanual for information about what the Emergency Banner is and when it should be deployed.

Running the Emergency Banner locally

Deploying the Emergency banner

bundle exec rake emergency_banner:deploy['{campaign_class}','{heading}','{short_description}','{link}','{link_text}']


  • campaign_class is the type of banner. At the moment this is should be one of "notable-death", "national-emergency" or "local-emergency"
  • heading is the <H1> title
  • short_description is the text that appears under the title
  • link is the more information link
  • 'link_text' is the anchor text for the more information link above. Defaults to "More information"

N.B. Don't add spaces between the parameters.

Removing the Emergency banner

bundle exec rake emergency_banner:remove