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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 12 Mar 2021

static: # Global banner

Global banner

A site-wide banner can be activated to convey important information on GOV.UK which is not deemed emergency level information. The file app/views/components/_global_bar.html.erb contains the necessary code to activate and render the banner.

Activating the global banner

In app/views/components/_global_bar.html.erb

  1. Update the variables title, title_href, link_href and link_text with the relevant info where applicable, otherwise set to false.
  2. Update the show_global_bar variable to true
  3. Deploy static


If you are in the production environment, once the origin cache is purged the CDN cache will be purged automatically. This will clear cache for the top 10 most visited pages.

Versioning the global banner

The number of times a user has viewed the banner is stored in a global_bar_seen cookie. Once the view count reaches 3, a user will not see the cookie again, even if the banner is re-deployed. The only way a user will see the banner again is if 1) the global_bar_seen cookie expires or 2) the global banner is versioned.

To version the global banner, increase the BANNER_VERSION in global-bar-init.js by one.

The banner is not showing / not clearing!

Usually this is because the caching has not cleared properly. This can be at various points in our stack as well as locally in your browser. Things to try:

  • Make sure you are actually looking at a page on the environment you released the banner. Remember to use the equivalent page for the environment (often staging) on which you are testing/releasing the banner.
  • Test the page with curl to circumvent any browser-based caching. Chrome seems to aggressively cache on occasion. You can also test in a private browser instance.
  • Clear the caches using these Rake tasks



⚠️ Production ⚠️

Removing the global banner

In app/views/components/_global_bar.html.erb

  1. Update the show_global_bar variable to false
  2. Deploy static