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Publishing apps

collections-publisher Publishes /browse and /topic pages on GOV.UK
contacts-admin Publishes contact information on GOV.UK
content-tagger Application for tagging content on GOV.UK
local-links-manager Manages local links from local authorities on GOV.UK.
manuals-publisher Publishing app for specialist documents and manuals on GOV.UK
maslow A tool to create and manage needs
policy-publisher App to publish policies and policy programmes on GOV.UK
publisher The publishing tool for mainstream content on GOV.UK
service-manual-publisher Create and manage content for the service manual
short-url-manager Publishing tool to request, approve and create short URL redirects on GOV.UK
specialist-publisher Publishing app for specialist documents on GOV.UK
travel-advice-publisher App to publish foreign travel advice on GOV.UK
whitehall Rails application that publishes and renders most pages on


business-support-api Stand alone api for business support schemes
content-store The central storage of published content on GOV.UK
email-alert-api Sends email alerts to the public
email-alert-service Message queue consumer that triggers email alerts
govuk_content_api Content API layer for GOV.UK. Being deprecated.
govuk_need_api An API to expose information about user needs behind GOV.UK
imminence "Find My Nearest" API and management tools
publishing-api Central store for all content on GOV.UK.
rummager GOV.UK search API
asset-manager Manages uploaded assets (images, PDFs etc.) for applications on GOV.UK
router-api API for updating the routes used by the router
support-api An API for processing GOV.UK named requests and anonymous feedback
hmrc-manuals-api Provides an API for HMRC to publish manuals to GOV.UK
mapit A web service to map postcodes to administrative boundaries and more
metadata-api An easy way to get metadata about given URLs on GOV.UK

Supporting apps

content-performance-manager Supports Content Operating Model for GOV.UK
search-admin Admin for GOV.UK search
signon Single sign-on service for GOV.UK
support Forms to raise Zendesk tickets to be used by various Government department personnel
authenticating-proxy An authenticating proxy application that proxies requests to an upstream server.
bouncer A Rack-based redirector for sites which have moved to GOV.UK
transition Managing mappings (eg redirects) for sites moving to GOV.UK.
release An application to make managing releases to specific environments easier
router GOV.UK Router

Frontend apps

calculators Application to contain custom-built calculators on GOV.UK.
calendars Serves /bank-holidays and /when-do-the-clocks-change
collections Serves the GOV.UK browse, topic and services and information pages. And soon: the new GOV.UK navigation.
contacts-frontend Display organisation contact information on GOV.UK
design-principles Design Principles for the Government Digital Service
email-alert-frontend A consistent frontend for displaying email alert signup pages.
feedback App for contacting GOV.UK, providing contact information and processing anonymous feedback
finder-frontend Faceted searching over documents on GOV.UK.
frontend Serves mainstream formats, the homepage, and search on GOV.UK
government-frontend Public-facing app to display documents on
info-frontend Frontend for info pages to display user needs and performance data about a page on GOV.UK
licence-finder Find out which licences you may need.
manuals-frontend Front-end app for the manuals format on GOV.UK
smart-answers smart-answers
service-manual-frontend Rendering app for the GDS Service Manual and Service Toolkit
specialist-frontend Displays long form single page documents published by alphagov/specialist-publisher
static GOV.UK static files and resources


Starting a project

govuk-rails-app-template A template for building a skeleton Rails applications ready for use on GOV.UK
govuk_admin_template Styles, scripts and templates for building GOV.UK backend admin apps

Running on the VM

gds-boxen Apple Macbook setup via Puppet - forked from
Using the GOV.UK Development VM How to get your development environment running
gds/development Tools to run GOV.UK apps in the VM


govuk_schemas Gem to work with the GOV.UK content schemas
govuk-content-schema-test-helpers Test helpers for working with GOV.UK content schemas
govuk-content-schemas Definitions of the data formats used to represent content on GOV.UK

Gems & Libraries

gds-api-adapters A set of API adapters to work with the GOV.UK APIs
gds-sso OmniAuth adapter to allow apps to sign in via GOV.UK signon
govspeak Markdown extension library for Government editors
govuk_content_models Shared content models for Content API and Publisher
govuk_document_types "Document supertypes" for GOV.UK
govuk_message_queue_consumer A gem for consuming messages from RabbitMQ
govuk_navigation_helpers Gem to transform content-store data into payloads for GOV.UK frontend components
govuk_sidekiq Gem to provide common config for Sidekiq in GOV.UK applications
govuk_taxonomy_helpers Parse the taxonomy of GOV.UK into a browsable tree structure
govuk-component-guide A living style guide and documentation for GOV.UK Components
plek Service location arbiter
slimmer Templating Rack middleware, injects standard header/footer and GOV.UK Components

Ensuring quality

govuk_security_audit Wraps bundler-audit gem to check specific repos for gem vulnerabilities
govuk-lint Configures various linters to comply with GOV.UK's style guides
styleguides GOV.UK coding standards and guidelines for other tools we use



authenticating-proxy An authenticating proxy application that proxies requests to an upstream server.
fastly-configure Configure Fastly on the command-line
govuk-cdn-config Configuration for GOV.UK's content delivery network
router GOV.UK Router
gds/cdn-configs Configuration for our Fastly


govuk-puppet Puppet manifests used to provision the main GOV.UK web stack
ci-puppet Puppet configuration for the GDS CI Environment
fabric-scripts GOV.UK Fabric scripts


email-alert-monitoring Script run by Icinga that verifies email alerts have been sent
errbit GOV.UK fork of Errbit, an open source error tracker
govuk-tagging-monitor Keeps track of the new taxonomy and navigation. Powers the Sad Parrot.
kibana-gds Initializes kibana app behind signon
sidekiq-monitoring Sidekiq monitoring web applications configured as standalone apps for GOV.UK


release An application to make managing releases to specific environments easier
govuk-app-deployment GOV.UK's application deployment code
gds/alphagov-deployment (Deprecated) Capistrano scripts for deploying GOV.UK apps
gds/deployment Encrypted secrets for GOV.UK infrastucture

Team tools

Team tools

gds-hubot Hubot integration for our Slack channel
binaryberry/seal This is a Slack bot that publishes a team's pull requests to their Slack Channel, once provided the organisation name, the team members' github names, and a list of repos to follow. It is my first 20% project at GDS.
emmabeynon/github-trello-poster A handy tool that automatically posts GitHub pull request links to Trello cards.
dsingleton/deploy-lag-radiator An information radiator to show how many commits on a repo since the last deploy
govuk-toolkit-chrome Chrome extension for developers working on GOV.UK.
govuk-display-screen Display screen for GOV.UK search & content (maintained fork)

Not GOV.UK (but GDS)

Frontend toolkit

govuk_prototype_kit Quickly create HTML prototypes of GOV.UK services
govuk_template Packaging of a template containing the GOV.UK header and footer, and associated assets.
govuk_elements GOV.UK Elements form the building blocks from which all pages are made.
govuk_frontend_toolkit Generic tools and helpers for building GDS front-end apps
govuk_frontend_toolkit_gem A gem wrapper around the govuk_frontend_toolkit files to enable easy integration with Rails