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Applications on GOV.UK

The publishing platform of GOV.UK consists of at least 81 separate applications. Most of them are built using Ruby on Rails.


Reuse this data

You can download this data as JSON, or download this data as CSV. In Google Spreadsheets, use the following formula to import all of the data:



Applications are hosted on an infrastructure configured using puppet. They are deployed using capistrano scripts.

Frontend apps

Frontend apps render content to visitors to For example, a HMRC manual page is rendered by an application called manuals-frontend.

You can use the chrome extension to find out which application is rendering any given page.

You can read more about the frontend architecture on GOV.UK.

Publishing apps

Publishing apps are used by editors to publish content to GOV.UK. For example, specialist-publisher publishes specialist documents.

The apps are secured by behind a single signon system. They use an omniauth adapter called gds-sso to authenticate the user.