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Document types on GOV.UK

The document type describes what a page on GOV.UK looks like.

WARNING: All documents have a document type in the content-store, but not all document types have been indexed in search yet. This means some types are missing from the list on the left. At the moment the list covers types for 94.3% of the pages in search index.

You can download this data as CSV too. In Google Spreadsheets, use the following formula:


The data for the list is generated by running a facet query against search.


Document types can be grouped into “document supertypes”. The types are defined in a YAML file in the GOV.UK Document Types gem.

Used to filter pages on the new taxonomy-based navigation pages

Field in content-store: navigation_document_supertype

User journey

Used to distinguish pages used mainly for navigation (finding) from content pages (thing)

Field in content-store: user_journey_document_supertype

Email document type

High level group for email subscriptions use to identify publications and announcement

Field in content-store: email_document_supertype

Government document type

Grouping for email subscriptions.

Field in content-store: government_document_supertype

Name Types
consultations consultation
policy-papers policy_paper
guidance guidance
impact-assessments impact_assessment
independent-reports independent_report
correspondence correspondence
research-and-analysis research
statistics official_statistics
corporate-reports corporate_report
transparency-data transparency
foi-releases foi_release
forms form
maps map
international-treaties international_treaty
promotional-material promotional
notices notice
decisions decision
regulations regulation
press-releases press_release
news-stories news_story
fatality-notices fatality_notice
speeches speech
statements written_statement
government-responses government_response
other All other types