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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 27 Jul 2023

Fix out-of-date search indices

If the data in the search index is out-of-sync with the Publishing API, (for example, after restoring a backup), then any publish and unpublish messages that have not been processed need to be resent.

govuk index

Content in the govuk index is populated from the Publishing API message queue. Missing documents can be recovered by resending the content to the message queue, using the represent_downstream:published_between rake task.

Run the represent_downstream:published_between['2018-12-17T01:02:30,%202018-12-18T10:20:30'] rake task in Publishing API, but changing the two timestamps to cover the period of downtime.

Other replay options are available, for example replaying all traffic for a single publishing app or doctype. Be aware that these options will replay the entire Publisher API history for that app or doctype, and may take some time.

government/detailed indexes

This will not be necessary after whitehall content has been moved to the govuk index.

These indexes are populated by whitehall calling an HTTP API in Search API. Missing documents can be recovered by resending the content to Search API directly.

Run the search:index:published_between['2018-12-17T01:02:30,%202018-12-18T10:20:30'] rake task in Whitehall, remembering to change the two timestamps.

metasearch index

This index is used for best bets, which are published by Search Admin communicating with Search API directly (like how whitehall updates the government and detailed indices directly).

Run the reindex_best_bets rake task in search admin to resend all bets to Search API.