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Useful Kibana queries

All logs for GOV.UK are collected in Kibana:

Kibana can be searched using the Lucene search syntax.


5xx errors returned from cache layer

@source_host:cache* AND @fields.status:[500 TO 504]

Puppet runs

# both agent and master

# agent only

# master only

Syslog logs


Syslog logs filtered by program

@type:"syslog" AND @fields.syslog_program:"rsync"

Nginx logs

nginx @tags:"nginx"

Nginx logs for frontend:

@tags:"nginx" AND @fields.application:frontend*

Note: the @timestamp field records the request END time. To calculate request start time subtract @fields.request_time.

CDN logs


Application upstart logs


@tags:"upstart" AND @tags:"stdout"

@tags:"upstart" AND @tags:"stderr"

@tags:"upstart" AND @fields.application:"licensify"

Application production.log files


@tags:"application" AND @fields.application:"smartanswers"

MongoDB slow queries

@fields.application:"mongodb" AND @message:"command"

Audit/access logs

@type:"syslog" AND @fields.syslog_program:"audispd"

Mirrrorer logs


Publishing API timeouts

@fields.error:"TimedOutException" AND (@fields.application:"specialist-publisher" OR @fields.application:"whitehall" OR @fields.application:"content-tagger")

Syslog program names

If you’re looking for specific program outputs, use @fields.syslog_program:FOO:

  • audispd: This is used to see all audit logs from various servers. You can refer to README for searching particular types of audit logs. The program name with combination of source_host and message can be helped for looking at various specific audit log lines on a server.
  • clamd
  • cron
  • mirrorer: Records information from govuk_mirrorer script. It contains INFO, WARN and ERROR information
  • puppet-agent: Records output for govuk_puppet script on various servers
  • puppet-master
  • smokey


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