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Review a page in this manual

How to review pages in this manual.

Questions to ask

  • Is the page accurate?
  • Is the page still relevant?
  • Should it still be there?
  • Does it help the reader complete their task?
  • Is it incomplete?
  • Does the page contain information easily available elsewhere?

When you’ve reviewed the page, either:

  • Update the page
  • Remove it (don’t forget to set up a redirect)
  • Assign it for someone else to review
  • Confirm the page is OK and set a new review date

These tasks can be achieved by editing the metadata at the top of the source for that page. See the govuk-developer-docs github repo.

Set a review by date

  • How likely is it that the information will change?
  • Is work happening in this area?
  • What would the impact be if the information were wrong?

Is there a relevant blog post to the page you’re reviewing? Would linking to it help the reader complete their task?

You can find GOV.UK blog posts on the GDS Tech blog.

This page was last reviewed . It needs to be reviewed again by the page owner @tijmen.brommet.