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Deploy when GitHub is unavailable

Public GitHub (application code)

Many of the Git repositories which make up GOV.UK are hosted on public GitHub. We may need to deploy changes at any time, and is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product which we don’t control the availability of.

GDS Internal IT host GitHub Enterprise which we can use to deploy from if public GitHub is unavailable.

During a normal production application deployment the app code is pushed to the gds-production-backup organisation on GitHub Enterprise.

We copy to GitHub Enterprise after a production deployment so we know that we’re only mirroring trusted code.

Deploying from GitHub Enterprise

Use the normal deployment job but check the box to deploy from GitHub Enterprise.

In integration and staging the job will fail because it doesn’t have access to push branches and tags back to the repository in gds-production-backup.

Making changes before deployment

Push to a new branch on the production backup repo and then deploy that code. Ideally we wouldn’t make changes to the production backup repo and only use it as a backup, but sometimes we need to (in exceptional circumstances when we can’t work in public).

GitHub Enterprise (secrets)

If GitHub Enterprise becomes unavailable, GDS internal IT will switch to a disaster recovery instance. Failing over to the DR machine may take some time.

Depending on the nature of the outage, we may need to change our govuk_ghe_vpn configuration to point to

In order to deploy this change, first disable Puppet on the Jenkins machine.

fab $environment -H puppet.disable:"Switching to disaster recovery VPN"

Then update the VPN host in /etc/init/openconnect.conf on that machine.

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