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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 17 Aug 2020

Remove a site from the Transition tool

Sometimes we get requests to delete sites from the Transition tool.

1. Remove site config YAML files

Sites that appear in the Transition tool are configured in YAML in the alphagov/transition-config repo. To remove one, git rm it from the data/transition-sites directory. There’s some prior art.

2. Run rake task

Once your changes have been merged, run the import:revert:sites[site_abbr] Rake on the Transition app with the site abbreviation that you want to delete. This task will only work for sites with zero mappings and zero hits - i.e. no associated data beyond that which was created by importing the site YAML file. It triggers the transition_load_site_config Jenkins job to update the Transition tool’s loaded site config.

To remove a redirect with existing mappings or hits, use the import:revert_entirely_unsafe[site_abbr] Rake task.

3. Check that the site is no longer recognised by the Transition tool

When all caches have cleared, the host will not appear in hosts.json.