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Rename a country


We recommend you test out these instructions in integration and then staging before using them in production.

1. Update Foreign Travel Advice publisher

Example PR:

This will update<country_slug>.

In Travel Advice Publisher:

  1. Create a pull request with:

    • A migration to update the relevant country_slug of TravelAdviceEdition. Example
    • A change of the relevant name and slug in the lib/data/countries.yml file. Keep the same content_id and email_signup_content_id, and ensure the alphabetical order of the list is respected. Example
  2. Deploy Travel Advice publisher

    • Once the above PRs are ready, deploy Travel Advice Publisher. Perform a deploy and then an app:migrate_and_hard_restart, as a hard restart is required to update the .yml file.
  3. Run rake tasks

  4. Update the search metadata

    • In the UI, go to the country and create a new edition
    • Tick the “minor update” checkbox and update the Search title and Search description fields to ensure search results have the updated name.
    • Save and publish.

2. Update Worldwide Taxons

Example PR:

This will update /world/countryname.

Rename the taxon in the Rummager index list.

Once the Rummager change is deployed, open the relevant country in Content Tagger, tick “minor update” and update all the relevant fields with the new country name. Save the draft and publish.


Updating the child taxons linked to the country taxon (“UK help and services in country”) will be a content task.

3. Update Whitehall

Example PR: and

This will update /world/countryname/news. In Whitehall:

  1. Data migration

    • Create a data migration to update the slug and name fields of the WorldLocation table.
    • Create a data migration to redirect the old slug.
    • Deploy the data migrations
  2. Update in the UI Go to the relevant country in World Location News and in the “Details” tab edit the Title, Mission statement and relevant Featured links.

4. Update Smart-answers

Example PR:

smart-answers validates country names against the production worldwide API, which is managed by whitehall. So do this after deploying the whitehall change.

This will update content from pages served by smart-answers such as marriage-abroad/y/countryname.

In Smart-answers:

  1. Find and replace (case sensitive) old_country_name with new_country_name, then Old_country_name with New_country_name.

  2. Run bundle exec rake checksums:update

  3. Open and deploy a PR with these changes

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