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Last updated: 29 Apr 2021

collections: Taxonomy

Content for taxon pages is returned by Search API based on:

  • content_ids for world taxon pages; and
  • content_ids and supergroups for topic taxon pages.

Topic Taxonomy

A taxon page divides the content tagged to the taxon by its supergroup e.g: Guidance and Regulation for Funding and finance for students Each taxon page also shows a grid of sub-topic taxons at the next level of the taxonomy.

Worldwide taxonomy

The worldwide taxonomy is rendered on different types of pages depending on whether the taxon has any children.

For example:

  • Taxon with children: a content item of type taxon that has child_taxons links. None of those child taxons' links have child_taxons, in which case we display an accordion view:
  • Taxon without children: a content item of type taxon that doesn't have child_taxons links. In this case we display an leaf view:
  • Taxon with associated taxons: a content item of type taxon that has associated_taxons links. In this case the tagged content of the taxon will include content that is directly tagged to it and also content that has been tagged to any of the associated taxons.