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GOV.UK developer docs

This is the technical documentation for the GOV.UK team in the Government Digital Service (GDS). For other projects built by GDS, see the Service Toolkit.

New to the GOV.UK team? Read how to get started developing on GOV.UK or how to learn how GOV.UK works.


Publishing apps


  • content-store API for content on GOV.UK
  • email-alert-api Sends email alerts to the public for GOV.UK
  • imminence "Find My Nearest" API and management tools on GOV.UK
  • link-checker-api Checks links on GOV.UK
  • publishing-api API to publish content on GOV.UK
  • rummager Search API for GOV.UK (elasticsearch 2)
  • search-api Search API for GOV.UK (elasticsearch 5) - this will ONLY exist during the migration, everything will be backported to alphagov/rummager.
  • asset-manager Manages uploaded assets (images, PDFs etc.) for applications on GOV.UK
  • router-api API for updating the routes used by the router on GOV.UK
  • support-api API for processing GOV.UK named requests and anonymous feedback
  • hmrc-manuals-api API for HMRC to publish manuals to GOV.UK
  • mapit GOV.UK fork of Mapit, a web service to map postcodes to administrative boundaries


Supporting apps

Frontend apps apps

Licensing apps

  • licensify GOV.UK Licensing (formerly ELMS, Licence Application Tool, & Licensify)


Starting a project

Running on the VM


Gems & Libraries

Ensuring quality

  • govuk_security_audit Wraps bundler-audit gem to check specific repos for gem vulnerabilities
  • govuk-rfcs GOV.UK staff use this repository as a forum to discuss and make technical decisions
  • govuk-lint Configures various linters to comply with GOV.UK's style guides
  • publishing-e2e-tests End to end tests for the Publishing pipeline of GOV.UK
  • styleguides GOV.UK coding standards and guidelines for other tools we use







Transition apps

  • bouncer Handles traffic for sites that have transitioned to GOV.UK
  • transition Managing redirects for sites moving to GOV.UK.

Supporting transition

Team tools