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Document types on GOV.UK

A document type describes a category of pages that can exist on GOV.UK. Document types are different from content schemas, which define the structure of a piece of content.

GOV.UK Developer Docs automatically generates documentation about document types based on data in the govuk_document_types repo.

Relationship between document type and content schema

The mapping between GOV.UK document types and content schemas is many-to-many. A document type can correspond to one or more content schemas. A content schema can permit one or more document types for content items that conform to that schema.

Analyse document types

Data about document types is available in CSV format. You can import this data into Google Sheets using the importData function:


Google Sheets will refresh the data hourly.

Query document types in Search API

You can use Search API to query for document types.

Search API will not return document types which have yet to be migrated out of Whitehall.