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Last updated: 6 Sep 2023

GOV.UK Kubernetes cluster documentation for developers

Use this documentation to find out how to:

  • start using the GOV.UK Kubernetes clusters
  • manage your GOV.UK app on Kubernetes


The GOV.UK website and content management system (known internally as the publishing platform) are hosted on Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Kubernetes is a widely-used, open-source container orchestration system for managing containerised workloads such as GOV.UK’s.

Kubernetes is designed for automation and emphasises declarative configuration and immutable infrastructure. It provides mechanisms for:

  • efficiently and automatically fitting workloads into available compute resources
  • resilient, “self-healing” deployments
  • service discovery and load balancing
  • automated rollouts and rollbacks
  • quotas and isolation of compute resources between workloads
  • authentication, authorisation and audit logging
  • secrets and configuration management
  • managing persistent storage

See the official Kubernetes overview documentation for more information about Kubernetes.