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Last updated: 26 Apr 2024

GOV.UK Platform Engineering team

Platform Engineering team (previously known as Replatforming team) looks after the Kubernetes clusters, base services, build/release/rollout automation (CI/CD) and Helm templates for hosting the GOV.UK website and content management system (CMS).

Get in touch

The rest of this page is for staff working within GDS who may want to contact the Platform Engineering team.

If you’re outside GDS, you can get in touch via

Within GDS, you can get in touch with GOV.UK Platform Engineering team:

What we can help with

  • scalability and resilience
  • troubleshooting complex problems
  • designing or improving monitoring, metrics, tracing and observability of system behaviour
  • designing new systems or backend features (APIs, information storage and processing)
  • designing or retrofitting applications for graceful degradation under failure conditions or overload
  • migrating applications to Kubernetes from legacy systems
  • assessing whether GOV.UK’s Kubernetes offering would suit your application or workload
  • application load testing and stress testing
  • capacity planning
  • advice on how to structure or maintain Terraform modules for managing cloud resources
  • continuous deployment and continuous delivery (CI/CD), build and release automation