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Learning GOV.UK

Get started on GOV.UK

This is the guide for new technical staff working on GOV.UK in GDS. If you just joined, 👋 welcome!

If they haven’t done so yet, ask your tech lead to take you through the overview slides.

If you’re having trouble with this guide, you can ask your colleagues or the #govuk-developers channel in Slack.

1. Set up your GitHub account

👉 Set up your GitHub account

2. Set up govuk-docker

The easiest way to develop on GOV.UK is to use govuk-docker. Until July 2019 we used a GOV.UK Vagrant development VM, but this is now deprecated.

👉 See the govuk-docker README

3. Get AWS access

👉 First, set up your AWS account

👉 Then, set up your CLI access for AWS

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