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Last updated: 3 May 2024

Ask for help

If you and your colleagues can’t resolve a technical issue, problem or question, you should try talking with (in this order):

  1. Your tech lead (TL)
  2. #govuk-tech-leads
  3. The senior tech team

Contact Senior Tech

You can ping @govuk-senior-tech-people on Slack, or email govuk-senior-tech-members.

Contact 2nd Line Technical Support

The GOV.UK 2nd Line Tech Support team (#govuk-2ndline-tech)

  • monitors the GOV.UK hosting platform and applications, and works to fix any issues
  • calls on experienced members of other teams to assist in incidents
  • deploys changes on behalf of teams that don’t have sufficient access
  • triages technical issues and recommends when to escalate to a site reliability engineer

Ask the developer communities

The GOV.UK developer community (#govuk-developers)

  • helps each other with specialised knowledge about specific areas of the platform
  • supports each other with issues deploying changes to GOV.UK
  • ensures missions are delivered technically in the best and most appropriate way

GOV.UK Platform Security and Reliability team (#govuk-platform-security-reliability-team)

  • works on long-term improvements to the reliability and security of GOV.UK
  • manages some access control automation such as govuk-user-reviewer
  • manages some AWS infrastructure that supports multiple teams (together with Platform Engineering team)

GOV.UK Platform Engineering team (#govuk-platform-engineering)

  • manages the Kubernetes clusters and base images for running GOV.UK applications
  • works on long-term improvements to the efficiency, reliability and security of GOV.UK
  • supports CI/CD (build, release, rollout) automation
  • can offer advice on monitoring and alerting
  • can offer design reviews and advice to help build your application for reliability, robustness and low maintenance (especially at the early stages of the software lifecycle)
  • can offer advice and assistance with changes such as migrating from one database to another safely and efficiently