Attribute section

Used within the event_data object to identify where on the page an event occurred. Could be the area (header, footer) or a specific heading.
Used by
accordion (Accordion links)
banners (link click)
banners (dismiss button)
browse (browse topic (browse level 1))
browse (browse subtopic (browse level 2))
contents list (link click)
email alerts and rss subscriptions (email alerts)
email alerts and rss subscriptions (rss subscriptions)
email subscriptions (get emails about this page)
email subscriptions (responses)
email subscriptions (form error)
email subscriptions (form completion)
feedback (Is this page useful? Yes)
feedback (Is this page useful? No)
feedback (Report a problem with this page)
feedback (Send me the survey)
feedback (Send)
footer (link clicks)
homepage (Link clicks)
local lookup (form submit)
local lookup (form error)
local lookup (change response)
previous and next (previous and next)
printing (print page button)
printing (view printable version)
related navigation (related Navigation)
scroll tracking (heading scroll tracking)
scroll tracking (marker scroll tracking)
see all link (see all link click (in page))
see all link (see all link click (to another page))
search (search boxes)
search (filters open/closed)
search (filter added/removed)
simple smart answers (simple smart answer start)
simple smart answers (submit question)
simple smart answers (form error)
simple smart answers (change answer)
simple smart answers (simple smart answer complete)
simple smart answers (results link click)
simple smart answers (start again link click)
smart answers (smart answer start)
smart answers (submit question)
smart answers (form error)
smart answers (change answer)
smart answers (smart answer complete)
smart answers (results link click)
smart answers (start again link click)
step by step navigation (link clicks)
super navigation header (Crown icon link)
super navigation header (Header menu bar buttons)
super navigation header (link clicks)
taxonomy pages (taxonomy page links)