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Last updated: 27 Feb 2024

Change an organisation's slug


For Worldwide Organisations, only steps 1 and 4 below need to be performed.

The organisation slug is used as a foreign key for organisations across multiple apps.

1. Change the organisation’s slug in Whitehall

Run the appropriate rake task:

Note: it’s important that single-quotes are used in the tasks otherwise they will fail.

2. Update the organisation slug in Manuals Publisher

Find out if any manuals are published by this organisation, by running the following in the Manuals Publisher Rails console:

ManualRecord.where(organisation_slug: "old-slug").exists?

If there are, create a migration to update the slugs. Republish all affected manuals after deploying your change.

3. Sync the organisations with Signon

Signon assigns users to organisations. This is used by apps such as Whitehall for authorisation.

To sync all organisations from Whitehall to Signon, run the Signon rake task rake organisations:fetch. Users may have to log out and in again to pick up permissions for the renamed organisation.

4. Update any best bet searches in Search Admin

Search the best bets in search-admin for references to the old organisation name and update them.