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Last updated: 9 Jun 2020

govuk-aws: 3. Bouncer Public Load Balancer Configuration

Date: 2018-10-22




Currently, Bouncer public load balancer accepts HTTPS request on port 443 and redirects the traffic to port 80 on the Bouncer servers.

There are a primary as well as a secondary SSL/TLS certificate attached to this HTTPS listener of the load balancer.


The configuration of the Bouncer public load balancer was modified to:

  1. Add a second listener to the load balancer so that HTTP request on port 80 can be served by the Bouncer servers. This functionality exists in the Carrenza environment and we aim to replicate this feature to maintain feature parity.


In order to implement the decision above, the following code changes were done:

  1. the terraform plan was changed so that the input to the aws/lb terraform module specifies a second listener "HTTP:80" = "HTTP:80" in the listener map for the Bouncer public load balancer.

  2. the aws/lb terraform module here had to be fixed so that SSL/TLS certificates and SSL policies are not added to a HTTP listener.