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Last updated: 25 Oct 2022

govuk-aws: RDS Database Management

We're using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to manage shared MySQL and PostgreSQL backend databases.

Please see the related ADR for context on this decision.

PuppetDB is the one exception to this (it is using a local PostgreSQL instance)

Administering RDS databases

Administer RDS databases using the db_admin machine class.

This machine class has full access to RDS, and has both PostgreSQL and MySQL clients installed.

It also is responsible for running the Puppet code that creates databases and users.


Connect to the MySQL database:

sudo -i mysql

All commands such as mysqldump work as normal.


If a db_admin instance is managing a PostgreSQL RDS instance, then it should have a pgpass file provided. To view details on connections, view the file:

sudo less /root/.pgpass

This is in the format of:


To connect to the PostgreSQL database, you need to provide the username and hostname that is provided in the pgpass file:

sudo psql -U <username> -h <hostname> postgres

The pgpass file will provide authentication when connecting, so there should be no prompt for a password.