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Last updated: 27 Jul 2023

Email Alert API: high latency for sidekiq queue

This alert triggers when there is a significant delay in the time from the Email Alert API system creating an email until it is sent.

Understanding the alert

The latency value itself is a measure, in seconds, of the amount of time that the oldest email in the Sidekiq queue has been waiting. This latency builds up when there are more emails to send than workers to send them and this alert triggers once this latency reaches an alarming level.


The user impact of this alert depends on the queue. A delay for the send_email_transactional queue indicates that users are blocked from completing user journeys (such as sign-in or sign up), thus a delay of minutes is frustrating.

For the other queues the impact of delayed email is less significant for users (there aren’t assurances on how rapidly an email should be sent) and indicates a risk that the system is experiencing significantly degraded performance and may become perpetually overloaded. For example, if there aren’t sufficient resources to send all of Monday’s emails on Monday we could find there aren’t resources to send both Monday and Tuesday’s emails the next day and so forth.

How to investigate

You should be looking for evidence of performance degradation, the presence of errors and whether an abnormal quantity of emails is being created. Some diagnostic steps you could take are: