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Last updated: 16 Feb 2024

Travel Advice or Drug and Medical Device email alerts not sent

GOV.UK’s email-alert-api sends two kinds of time-sensitive email notifications:

These email alerts are supposed to be delivered to subscribers within a few hours.

email-alert-api-worker monitors deliverability by comparing records of what should have been sent against callbacks from GOV.UK Notify, which is the system that sends the bulk email to subscribers.

Email alerts have nothing to do with Prometheus/Alertmanager/PagerDuty alerts. They’re just ambiguously named.

Find out which mailshot was affected

Search for recent WARN-level logs from email-alert-api-worker. Workers log a Couldn't find any delivered emails for ... warning periodically when there are potentially undelivered medical/travel alerts.

The log message should contain the Content ID and path of the affected mailshot. Visit the path on GOV.UK to find the title of the alert.

Verify whether the email was received

The email-alert-api-alert-listener mailing list is subscribed to all travel advice and medical safety alerts. Check whether the message appears there.


Resend a medical safety alert

  1. Find the content ID of the affected content item. In Specialist Publisher, go to Medical Alerts and choose the affected document. The content ID is the UUID in the URL. For example, in the content ID is de8a10f1-eac7-49a8-a8ef-1769a6f6cef9.

  2. Run the republish:one[<CONTENT_ID>] Rake task in specialist-publisher, replacing <CONTENT_ID> with the one from the previous step.

Resend a travel advice alert

  1. Find the edition ID of the affected content item. In Travel Advice Publisher, go to the URL of the country’s Edit page. The edition ID is a 24-digit hex number, for example fedc13e231ccd7d63e1abf65.

  2. Run the email_alerts:trigger[<EDITION_ID>] Rake task in travel-advice-publisher, replacing <EDITION_ID> with the one from the previous step.