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Last updated: 2 Feb 2024

Architecture of

The (DGU) platform is used to publish and view datasets. A dataset contains the metadata for a collection of links to data hosted somewhere on the internet.

Architectural overview of

The original for this diagram is available in Google Drive and can be edited with Services

Services owned by

  • CKAN is the publishing app for datasets (‘packages’).
  • Find is the public frontend for viewing and searching for datasets (using Opensearch).
  • Publish was a prototype publishing app for datasets. Whilst not public facing, it currently syncs data from CKAN into Opensearch for use in Find.

Services on sub-domains, but owned by other departments:

CKAN, Publish and Find

CKAN, Publish and Find are hosted on AWS EKS and are maintained/deployed in the same way as most other GOV.UK applications.