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Application: datagovuk_find

Beta version of Find Data


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This repository contains the beta-stage frontend component of

How to run this repo locally

There are currently 3 ways to run this repo locally:

  1. Via govuk-dgu-charts - An end to end setup from ckan to opensearch to Find. This is the presently most supported means for running Find and is recommended for local development. Instructions for how to setup and run Find this way available on the linked repo.
  2. Manual installation. Instructions for this below.
  3. Via govuk-docker - You can make Find as you would any other repo supported by govuk-docker using this method. This is the quickest means to setup Find however this will not give you a complete visual setup and is primarily for running tests.

Manual installation


You will need to install the following for development.

Most of these can be installed with Homebrew on a Mac.

Getting Started

First run bin/setup to bundle, etc. Then run rails s.


See the developer docs on deployment

Example application URLs