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Last updated: 31 Mar 2022

Handle exemptions to the ‘Get emails about this page’ feature

The ‘get emails about this page’ button was rolled out to most Whitehall publications, consultations and detailed guides on 1 March 2022.

Existing exemptions

Before rolling out the feature, the GOV.UK account team contacted 14 departments who had content that offered users a work-around for subscribing to page-level updates.

Departments asked for these 4 pages to be excluded from the roll-out:

If content teams in departments ever ask us to add the button to these pages, it’s OK to do that.

Future exemptions

If departments ask for any more pages to be excluded, we should try to refuse them on the grounds that:

  1. We want to have as few exclusions as possible because it’s important for users to have a consistent experience of GOV.UK.

  2. Whether we add the button to a page or not, the act of publishing or updating a page will continue to trigger a notification to users who have subscribed to the organisation or topics the page is tagged to.

How to add or remove an exemption

If you must add or remove an exemption, update the exemption list by adding or removing the content_id of the publication which needs to be added or removed from the list.