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How we use GOV.UK Notify

GOV.UK Notify is a Government-as-a-Platform service that allows clients of their API to send emails, text messages and letters. We use GOV.UK Notify to send emails to users - both members of the public and publishers. Historically, we’ve also used AWS SES to send emails, but that’s being phased out in favour of GOV.UK Notify.

We have two main services on GOV.UK Notify (six in total as we have a service for each environment):

  • GOV.UK Emails

This service is used by Email Alert API only. It’s used to send public-facing email updates about pieces of content on GOV.UK. It’s our biggest sender of emails and regularly exceeds one million emails per day.

  • GOV.UK Publishing

This service is used by our publishing applications. It’s used to send publisher-facing emails. The type of email can vary a lot, but a typical example might be to receive an email when a scheduled document on GOV.UK has been automatically published.

In the future we may set up a new ‘GOV.UK Public’ service which is used to send public-facing emails which haven’t gone through Email Alert API.

Accessing the dashboard

👉 Sign in to the GOV.UK Notify dashboard

You can either use your own credentials (if you have them) or you can use the credentials in govuk-secrets (found in the govuk-notify/2nd-line-support entry).

Receiving emails from GOV.UK Notify

GOV.UK Notify services have two modes: live and trial. Only our production services are in live mode, the others are in trial mode. In this mode emails will only be sent to members of the service or email address in the allow-list, any request to send an email to another email address will fail.

To receive emails in integration and staging through GOV.UK Notify, you should add yourself to the service:

  1. Choose the service in the appropriate environment and navigate to “Team members”.

  2. The members with the permission Manage settings, team and usage will be able to add you to this team.

Note: some of our applications, notably Email Alert API, has an extra level of protection and there is an extra step before you can receive emails through Email Alert API.

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