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Last updated: 21 Apr 2023

Raise issues with Reliability Engineering

When on 2nd-line Tech Support you may experience an issue with GOV.UK where you need help from a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). The SREs generally work on the Platform Engineering and Platform Security and Reliability teams.

If you require assistance

Ask in #govuk-platform-reliability or #govuk-platform-engineering.

If a problem is not urgent

If the issue you’ve identified seems like a non-urgent story you can add it the GOV.UK Technical 2nd Line trello board in the “Ongoing issues to be aware of & unexplained events” column. The Technical 2nd Line tech lead(s) will then decide whether to pass this on to another team, manage the ticket through its life cycle, or to resolve this problem themselves.

Understanding what SREs can assist with

There is a broad explanation of the different areas of support in GOV.UK in ask for help.

SREs can help with:

  • Scalability and resilience
  • Designing or improving monitoring, metrics, tracing and observability of system behaviour
  • Troubleshooting complex problems
  • Designing new systems or backend (APIs, information storage and processing) features
  • Designing for graceful degradation under failure conditions (for example the GOV.UK static mirrors)
  • Migrating from legacy systems, for example GOV.UK Puppet
  • Upgrading software packages that are end-of-life/have security issues/no longer fit for purpose
  • Advice on how to structure or maintain Terraform modules for managing cloud resources
  • Continuous deployment and continuous delivery systems (CI/CD), build and release automation