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Last updated: 21 Jan 2019

content-publisher: 7. Minimal Model

Date: 2019-01-21


We currently have several classes that we think of as models.

  • ActiveRecord classes that reflect persisted data in the database. These are conventionally found in app/models.
    • Example: Document
  • Plain Ruby classes that reflect readonly data stored in configuration files. These currently have no place to live :-(.
    • Example: DocumentType

We also have other classes that resemble models, but aren't e.g.

  • DocumentUrl is not a class we think of as a model e.g. because it has no public attributes
  • UserFacingState is not a class we think of as a model e.g. because its instances have no unique ID

We would like to make it clear which classes belong in app/models.


We should treat a class as a model if it has the following properties.

  • The name of the class is a noun that represents a domain concept
    • Example: a Document represents all revisions of a piece of content, etc.
    • Guideline: it should be difficult to rename the class to a verb
    • Guideline: the class should be documented in the README nomenclature
  • Instances of the class have multiple attributes that encapsulate it
    • Example: a DocumentType encapsulates publishing metadata, tags, etc.
    • Guideline: The attributes should be public and required in our code
  • Instances of the class should have a unique identifier attribute
    • Example: each Document has a unique id assigned by the database
    • Example: each DocumentType has a unique id in its config file
  • Instances of the class support mass-assignment of their attributes
    • Example: a Document supports assignment as an ActiveRecord model
    • Example: a DocumentType supports assignment on initialize (readonly)




We should move DocumentType and Supertype into the app/models directory.

Any classes in app/models that do not have the above properties should be moved elsewhere.