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Application: datagovuk_publish

Beta version of publish data

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This repository contains the beta-stage publishing component of


Continuous Integration has been setup using Github Actions.

  • Tests are run on pull requests.
  • Deployments to Staging happen automatically when marging branches into the main branch.
  • In order to carry out a release to production a developer in the govuk team will need to create a release tag with a leading v and approve of the deployment in Github Actions.

Further information about the deploying to PaaS are in the developer documents here:


You will need to install the following for development.

Most of these can be installed with Homebrew on a Mac.

Developing on a Mac with a local CKAN installation

Install requirements for this app using Homebrew

## PostgreSQL
brew install postgresql

## Redis
brew install redis

## Opensearch
brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install java8
brew install opensearch

Start the services on your machine

brew services start postgresql
brew services start opensearch
brew services start redis

Update config settings

Configure the base URL of your local CKAN in ./config/environments/development.rb:

config.ckan_v26_base_url = "http://localhost:4000"

Install dependencies, initialise the database and search index:


Start the web server

rails s

Then navigate to http://localhost:3000.

Run Sidekiq jobs

These need to be run to sync data from CKAN.

Set up the workers, these sync organisation data and their datasets:

bin/rails runner
bin/rails runner

Then run Sidekiq to process the queue:

bundle exec sidekiq

When you create new organisations and datasets in Publish, you will have to run these commands again to trigger the sync. These should then appear in Find.

Clear the database

To completely clear the database:

bin/rails db:drop db:setup

Re-index Opensearch

To re-index Opensearch based on the current database contents, run:

bin/rails search:reindex


Running commands on PaaS

If you need to run commands on Staging or Production PaaS you will need to run this command first -


Further information can be found here -

Flush Redis

This may be necessary if you’re having issues trying to completely reset your CKAN stack and start over with no data. See the next section below as an example.

$ redis-cli flushall

Check the database size is 0:

$ redis-cli> dbsize
(integer) 0

Running the PackageSyncWorker sidekiq job attempts to sync non existent data

When running this sidekiq job it returns errors in the terminal such as:

404 Not Found excluded from capture: DSN not set
{"@timestamp":"2019-06-06T10:03:58Z","@fields":{"pid":43034,"tid":"TID-oxw3pfczg","context":" CKAN::V26::PackageImportWorker JID-3b2dff4c5d230d1d27cc5bea","program_name":null,"worker":"CKAN::V26::PackageImportWorker"},"@type":"sidekiq","@status":"fail","@severity":"INFO","@run_time":0.545,"@message":"fail: 0.545 sec"}
  1. Ensure you have the correct config settings - see Update config settings
  2. Try to flush redis
  3. You will also need to purge SOLR via CKAN
  4. Clear the Publish database
  5. Then re-run sidekiq jobs - see Run sidekiq jobs


See here for all of our Architecture Decision Records.