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Application: email-alert-service

Message queue consumer that triggers email alerts for GOV.UK


This is a message queue consumer that triggers email alerts when documents are published with a major change.

Technical documentation

You can use the GOV.UK Docker environment to run the application and its tests with all the necessary dependencies. Follow the usage instructions to get started.

Use GOV.UK Docker to run any commands that follow.

Before running the app

The email-alert-service uses the govuk_message_queue_consumer to connect to message queues on the published_documents exchange.

There is a rake task to create the queues for this exchange:

bundle exec rake message_queues:create_queues

There are two rake tasks to start processors to consume from the queues:

bundle exec rake message_queues:major_change_consumer bundle exec rake message_queues:unpublishing_consumer

Running the test suite

bundle exec rake


MIT License