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Repository: gds_zendesk

Client and models for communicating with Zendesk


What is it?

gds_zendesk is a Ruby gem which (partially) wraps the Zendesk REST API v2.

The zendesk_api gem is used under the covers.

Why does it exist?

This gem has certain advantages over the zendesk_api gem:

  • Rails integration
  • A dummy Zendesk client implementation, since Zendesk doesn’t provide a staging environment
  • Ability to simulate error conditions

Rails integration


Simply add the gem to your Gemfile and bundle it up:

gem 'gds_zendesk'

Run the installation generator:

$ rails generate gds_zendesk:install

This generates an initializer at config/initializers/gds_zendesk.rb.


Mandatory settings

This gem needs to be configured with a Zendesk username and password (or token) before it can be used. These are set in config/initializers/gds_zendesk.rb

Enabling development mode

Because Zendesk doesn’t provide a staging environment, it is advised to use the development mode during development and testing. When this mode is enabled:

  • the real Zendesk client is replaced by an interface-equivalent dummy implementation (which makes no network calls)
  • ticket creation failures can be simulated by including break_zendesk anywhere in the ticket description

Development mode can be enabled by configuring development_mode: true. It is off by default.



to create a new client.

Running tests locally

To run the tests, use the follow:

bundle exec rake default


MIT License