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Application: govuk-dependency-checker

Scripts to check GOV.UK dependencies (for Dependabot management)


Scripts to check the state of GOV.UK dependencies. At the moment, this repo includes:

  • A daily k8s job that gathers statistics and sends the metrics to Prometheus. It can then be seen on a Grafana dashboard

  • Metrics on auto-merged vs user-merged Dependabot PRs.

  • Checking for gems that are included both locally in an application, and in GOV.UK’s own govuk_app_config gem. This way, we don’t have to do duplicate Dependabot updates for unnecessary duplication.

  • Some Ruby to get statistics on how many Dependabot PRs we’ve merged, split by major, minor and patch version. Used to inform how much work we do on Dependabot and how we approach the various version bumps.

  • Statistics on “time to merge” Dependabot PRs, showing how many days have passed between Dependabot PRs being opened and merged. We are retrieving maximum 300 PRs per repository, so we won’t have accurate statistics for the PRs opened a few months in the past. The script takes around 15 minutes to run.

    ./dependabot_time_to_merge --from 2023-03-27 --to 2023-03-28 --outdated-limit 30

    --outdated-limit option is used for displaying which dependencies were outdated for more than X number of days (default value is 20)

They all require GITHUB_TOKEN as an environment variable, with at least repo scope.

There is also an Apps Script to pull dependency versions into a spreadsheet.

How to deploy

This needs manual deployment to production. Once the release GitHub Action has run select the deploy GitHub action and under Use workflow from choose to deploy from the latest tag. Then enter the latest tag number into the text field.