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Repository: govuk-developer-docs

📖 Tech docs for everyone working on GOV.UK




This is a static site generated with Middleman, using alphagov/tech-docs-template.

Some of the files (like the CSS, javascripts and layouts) are managed in the template and are not supposed to be modified here. Any project-specific Ruby code needs to go into /app.

Build the app locally

bundle install

Run the tests locally

bundle exec rake

Run the app locally


Proxy pages

The live docs site includes pages from other alphagov GitHub repositories. To test this locally, omit SKIP_PROXY_PAGES=true from the command above.

The app downloads these “proxy pages” at startup and this can cause GitHub to rate limit your requests. You can pass a valid GitHub API token to the app to help avoid this:

  1. Create a GitHub token. The token doesn’t need any scopes.

  2. Store the token in a .env file:

  3. Start the application:


Update to the latest Tech Docs template



We host GOV.UK Developer Docs as a static site on GitHub Pages. The ci.yml GitHub Actions workflow updates the site automatically:

  • when a PR is merged to the default branch
  • on an hourly schedule, to pick up changes to docs included from other repos

Build the static site locally

NO_CONTRACTS=true bundle exec middleman build

This will create a build directory containing a set of HTML files.


MIT License