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Repository: govuk-fastly

GOV.UK Fastly CDN Configuration



This repository contains Terraform code to deploy GOV.UK CDN services to Fastly. The VCL templates in this repository depend on secrets set in govuk-fastly-secrets to render correctly.

Quick Start

  1. Ensure you have Terraform Cloud access
  2. Make changes to the templates or other configuration
  3. Open a PR and wait for Terraform Cloud to run a plan against your changes
  • Terraform Cloud’s VCL diff display is pretty poor. To see a better diff, check the fastly-vcl-diff post-plan task on your run page
  1. If you are happy with the plan, merge your PR
  2. Watch the apply on the Terraform Cloud UI

Running plans without opening a PR

  1. Ensure you have terraform installed (tfenv is preferable)
  2. Log in to your Terraform Cloud account with terraform login
  3. Run terraform init to initialise the providers and modules
  4. Run terraform plan to run plans with your local copy of the config

Directory Structure

  • modules/ - contains reusable modules
  • modules/www - configuration for service
  • modules/assets - configuration for assets service
  • modules/shared - contains files that are required by multiple services
  • ab_tests.yaml - list of AB test variants
  • dictionaries.yaml - non-secret Fastly dictionaries (e.g. AB test expiry times)

Getting Terraform Cloud access

Terraform Cloud uses Google SSO for login. To create your account, go to the SSO login page and use the organisation name govuk. Your permissions are determined by which Google groups you are a member of.


  • If you update secrets in the govuk-fastly-secrets repository, you may need to also run an apply on this repository after for your changes to take effect
  • Currently, all environments use the same configuration. If you need to make changes to only one environment, consider either adding an if block to the VCL template or temporarily using a different VCL template.