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Repository: govuk-helm-charts

Helm charts for the GOV.UK website and publishing platform (content management system). Cluster turnup automation is in A few things still live in (June 2023)


Getting started

See Helm’s documentation to get started with Helm.

See the GOV.UK Kubernetes cluster docs for an introduction to the cluster or ask #govuk-platform-engineering in Slack.

Versioned vs unversioned charts

Most of the charts in this repository are designed to be deployed via Argo CD rather than by helm install. For these charts, we don’t use Chart.Version or Helm’s packaging system.

A few charts are still installed via helm install (via Terraform). Those charts are automatically packaged and pushed to our Helm repository when a change to Chart.Version is merged.

Local development


  1. Install Helm and yq

    brew install helm yq
  2. Clone the repository

    git clone
  3. Configure git hooks

    cd govuk-helm-charts &&
    git config core.hooksPath git-hooks

Installing an application chart without Argo CD

cd charts/app-config

helm install $USER-${APP?} ../generic-govuk-app --values <(
  helm template . --values values-${ENVIRONMENT}.yaml |
  yq e '.|select("'$APP'").spec.source.helm.values'
) --set sentry.enabled=false --set rails.createKeyBaseSecret=false

You can inspect the final template output by running helm template instead of helm install.

Chart repository

Some of the charts in this git repository are published via GitHub Actions to a chart repository hosted on GitHub Pages.

To add the chart repo to Helm:

helm repo add govuk-helm-charts

You can then run helm search repo <alias> to see the charts. helm repo update retrieves the latest versions of the packages.


kubeconform runs as a pre-merge check. The JSON schemas that it validates against are in the schemas/ directory.


GOV.UK Platform Engineering team looks after this repo. If you’re inside GDS, you can find us in #govuk-platform-engineering or view our kanban board.


MIT License