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Application: govuk-pact-broker

A thin layer around for running on GOV.UK infrastructure



This repo is a thin wrapper around the Pact Broker Gem that allows Pact Broker to be run on unicorn server on the Government PAAS.

It is used by projects such as Publishing API, GDS API Adapters and Content Store for contract testing.

Run this locally

Install dependencies

$ bundle install

Create a PostgreSQL database

$ psql postgres
> create database pact_broker;
> CREATE USER pact_broker WITH PASSWORD 'pact_broker';
> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE pact_broker to pact_broker;

Set up environment variables

$ export AUTH_USERNAME=username
$ export AUTH_PASSWORD=password
$ export DATABASE_URL=postgresql://pact_broker@localhost/pact_broker

Run the app

$ bundle exec unicorn

Deploy a change to the PAAS

You’ll need a cloud foundry account for Government PAAS and be in the govuk_development organisation with access to the sandbox space.

From there you should be able to see this app (pact-broker) by running:

$ cf apps

Then when you have made your changes you can push a new deployment with:

$ cf push pact-broker

Run this on the Government PAAS

Space for the app

You may be given a space by your organisation manager, or need to create one for the application.

At the time of writing this app runs on the govuk_development organisation in the sandbox space

Push the app to the PAAS

As we’ve not set everything up we don’t want to start the app now.

$ cf push pact-broker --no-start

we can pass a -n HOSTNAME argument here to specify the hostname, otherwise it will use the default one of pact-broker (as specified in manifest.yml)

Create a database

There’s a number of different database plans available, but the “Free” one should be sufficient:

$ cf create-service postgres Free pact-broker-db

This will take a few minutes. Once completed it can be bound to the application:

$ cf bind-service pact-broker pact-broker-db

Set up environment variables for credentials

This application requires basic auth credentials of AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD.

$ cf set-env pact-broker AUTH_USERNAME username
$ cf set-env pact-broker AUTH_PASSWORD password

Start the app

$ cf start pact-broker

And then you’ll probably want it to run on 2 instances:

$ cf scale pact-broker -i 2