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Repository: paste-html-to-govspeak

JavaScript event to convert pasted HTML into govspeak


This package provides an event listener that will convert pasted HTML content on form inputs and textareas into Govspeak (a markdown extension library for government publishers).

The HTML data available to the browser clipboard is complicated and inconsistent, learn more about this functionality and its limitations.


Add this project to your package.json file via NPM or Yarn:

npm install paste-html-to-govspeak --save
# Yarn
yarn add paste-html-to-govspeak

Manual installation

Download paste-html-to-markdown.js and add it to your application assets.


Using a bundler (e.g. Webpack)

import { pasteListener } from 'paste-html-to-govspeak'

element.addEventListener('paste', pasteListener)

Without a bundler

element.addEventListener('paste', window.pasteHtmlToGovspeak.pasteListener)

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge


This package triggers events at different stages in the conversion process which can be monitored to understand how a particular scenario is occurring. These events are triggered on the element the pasteListener has been applied to.

These are:

  • htmlpaste - which is the received HTML from the paste event
  • textpaste - which is the received text from the paste event
  • govspeak - which is the resultant govspeak of the HTML conversion, this will only be triggered if HTML was present in the paste event.

There is also a htmlToGovspeak method that is exposed by the package. Given a HTML string input this will return Govspeak.

This repo contains example usages of these debugging tools.


npm install
npm test

To continuously build files while developing run:

npm run watch


MIT License