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Last updated: 8 Dec 2022

rails_translation_manager: Adding a language's plural form

We maintain our own plurals.rb configuration file. This is used for plural rules that don't exist in rails-i18n.

If there is a missing plural rule (fails plural validator) then we can add the rule to our plurals.rb file. Plural rules for most languages can be found on the unicode website (cardinal type).

Editing plural forms

Keys with incorrect plural forms are more complex to adjust. If there are keys with additional unnecessary plural forms, they can be deleted:

sed -i '' '/^ *one:/d' config/locales/xx.yml

Keys which need a plural form added can be automated with caution. If every key of a specific translation needs the new plural added, it can be done by adding a blank key before every other: key:

perl -0777 -p -i -e 's/\n(\s+)other:/\n\1many:\n\1other:/g' config/locales/xx.yml

Or if only a specific key needs the plural added:

perl -0777 -p -i -e 's/(key_with_missing_plural:\n)(\s+)/\1\2zero:\n\2/g' config/locales/xx.yml