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Last updated: 14 Jun 2021

smart-answers: ERB templates

Content is defined using one of three helpers to indicate the format with an argument to indicate the intent:

<% text_for :title do %>
  This is plain text, any HTML characters used will be espaced. Any indentation is automatically removed.
<% end %>
<% govspeak_for :body do %>
  This uses the GOV.UK markdown dialect, [govspeak](,
  and will be converted to HTML. Any indentation is automatically removed.
<% end %>
<% html_for :body do %>
  <p>This is HTML, used when we need fine grained control over content</p>
<% end %>

See the template page documentation for the available contexts and their allowed formats:

Any state variable defined in the flow is available to be used in the ERB template. See storing data for the various ways that you can set state variables.